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(no subject)  
02:43am 01/01/2025
made by asylum_romantic
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(no subject)  
04:57pm 10/03/2009
So as you may have noticed, this journal has not been updated recently, and I'm putting it on indefinite hiatus.

RL has been killer busy lately, and I'm going back to school in September, so I'll have even less time for LJ.

I won't delete my account, and will still receive e-mails, so feel free to leave me a comment once in a while, I'll definitely answer. Or find me on Facebook  =)

Goodbye for now
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Holiday cards!  
12:25am 11/12/2008

With the holidays fast approaching, I'm doing what I always do at this time of year... sending out Holiday cards!

If you'd like one, write your address as a comment (comments are screened for privacy)

Where am I? my room
How do I feel? happyhappy
What am I listening to? Mythbusters
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(no subject)  
01:24am 09/07/2008
 So... I cleaned out my f-list today. Removed a few people (mostly cause they hadn't updated in a long time). If you want to know why I deleted you, ask here.

Also, new QaF layout, yay!
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